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We Now Offer Mini Dental Implants

Dr. Wimmer is offering Mini Dental Implants (MDI’s) for his patients with minimal bone, who are not candidates for conventional dental implants. The MDI system is especially useful in our denture wearing patients. The placement of MDI’s for denture stabilization allows patients who wear dentures to virtually eat what ever they want without having the dentures shift or move and without wearing denture adhesive.

The MDI system consists of a small titanium implant that acts like your tooth root and a retaining device that is incorporated into your denture. The top of the implant is shaped like ball and securely attaches into the fixture in the denture.

Placements of the implants can usually be done during a 2 hour appointment in the office with often just local anesthesia. Using a precise minimally invasive surgical technique the MDI’s are placed into the jaw bone. Due to the minimally invasive nature of the procedure often times the dentures can be stabilized and placed into function on the same day as the procedure!

Please call the office and ask for details on how we can help you with mini dental implants.