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How Solea Dental Laser is Changing the Game

For many, going to the dentist is a bit like trial by fire. Working up the courage to actually set an appointment (and show up) takes time and strength. For many, sitting in the chair fills them with dread, and the aftermath of swollen cheeks and a numb mouth makes the rest of the day a burden. Ultimately, the sacrifice is worth the reward—a healthier, happier mouth.

The sound of the drill, the sight of numbing needles, and the overall atmosphere of dental offices can be triggering. Thankfully, significant strides have been made – not only the efficiency of dental procedures – but the degree of comfort the procedures can be performed with as well.

One such innovation has taken the dental world by storm: the Solea Dental Laser. Dental lasers aren’t new, but this particular device has elevated what the term can mean. As the first CO2 laser to be approved by the FDA, Solea Dental Laser is truly changing the game for dentists and patients alike.

How it Works

This advanced piece of technology is precision-guided by advanced computers, allowing the majority of dental procedures to be performed more efficiently and more comfortably than ever before. It is FDA approved for use on hard and soft tissue, meaning that you can enjoy its benefits whether your procedure is for your gums, teeth, or both.

The Benefits

This section could be summarized with a single phrase: procedures performed with Solea Dental Laser are virtually pain-free. The benefits don’t stop there, though!

Because it is a laser, not a drill, there is no noise or vibration. That’s right—no more ominous drone of dental tools to haunt your dreams! Hand-in-hand with these advantages come two others: there is no need for anesthesia 96 percent of the time, and procedures are largely blood-free.

All of these benefits are revolutionary on their own, but when combined they contribute to perhaps the most important advantages of all. Because Solea Dental Laser allows for virtually pain and anesthesia-free procedures, you can actually have multiple dental issues taken care of in one session, then continue the rest of your day unaffected!

Our Final Thoughts

The popularity of Solea Dental Laser is growing rapidly as more and more dentists and dental patients realize the tremendous advantages it has over traditional dental tools and techniques. Dentists swear by it and patients who have experienced it rave about it.

So, next time you require dental work, don’t let the flashbacks to the painful dental encounters of the past prevent you from receiving the care you need. With Solea Dental Laser, going to the dentist is no longer the tribulation it once was; instead, it is a quick, convenient, and virtually pain-free detour in your day. Imagine taking care of soft tissue issues and cavities in the same sitting, then still making lunch with your friends. With Solea Dental Laser, it’s not only possible, it’s the new norm.

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