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Why You Should Schedule Your Dental Cleaning Today

Sometimes, life gets in the way of accomplishing things on your to-do list. This is especially true when summer rolls around, and you’d rather spend time with family and on the water than doing things that aren’t exactly fun. Scheduling a dental cleaning is one of those necessities that often gets pushed aside.

We can’t say that we blame you. Who wouldn’t want to trade the dental chair for a day in the sun? However, dental cleanings are exceptionally important, and scheduling one today is one of the best ways to ensure you don’t put your cleaning off indefinitely.

Read on to discover a few key reasons why you should schedule your dental cleaning today!

Feel Your Best

There is never a good time to feel less than your best, especially now. Believe it or not, the health of your mouth is linked to the health of your body overall. When you get your teeth cleaned, you’re not only improving your oral health, you’re setting your entire body up for success.

From reducing inflammation to providing early detection of unrelated health issues, a dental cleaning can help you feel better from head to toe!

Brighten Up

A dental cleaning is primarily that—a cleaning. As such, you should expect your teeth to emerge brighter and whiter. This is extra important for those of us who love coffee, red wine, sodas, and other tooth-staining beverages. If you are a tobacco user, a teeth cleaning can save your teeth from substantial staining, too. In other words, the appearance of your teeth can receive a significant boost from regular teeth cleanings.

Not Today, Tooth Decay

Regular dental cleanings are one of the primary defenses between your teeth and decay. Professional flossing, brushing, and rinsing can help remove plaque, food particles, and other buildups that could lead to cavities and tooth decay. It’s better to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to tooth decay, as avoiding it altogether saves you from pain, procedures, and spending money!

Preserve Your Gums

Teeth may steal the show when it comes to dental cleanings, but the reality is that your gums will benefit just as much (if not more) from regular cleanings. Bacteria and plaque are notorious for building along the gumline—where your teeth meet your gums—and causing unsightly build-up, unpleasant smells, and worst of all, inflammation and infection.

Gingivitis is a well-known gum infection that can evolve into gum disease, which can lead to serious issues. Regular cleanings can help identify the warning signs of gum disease, allowing it to be treated early or avoided altogether.

Boost Your Confidence

From fresher breath to a brighter smile, getting your teeth cleaned leads to a plethora of reasons to feel confident and body positive. You’re likely to leave the dentist with a newfound pep in your step thanks to the fresh feeling in your mouth, and glimmer in your smile!

No matter what is holding you back from scheduling your next dental cleaning, we hope that these benefits will help you put it aside and do what’s best for your oral hygiene and overall wellbeing.

From feeling hesitant about dentists in general—don’t worry, this isn’t abnormal—to simply feeling too busy, there is a myriad of reasons to put off your next cleaning. If you’re experiencing this dilemma, we encourage you to talk to your dentist. They’ll be happy to have a conversation about your uncertainty, share numerous other benefits with you, and ensure that your experience is positive.

So, give your dentist a call today. Your teeth, gums, and entire body will thank you!