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Questions to Ask About Cosmetic Dentistry

Now is an exciting time in the world of dentistry. With new techniques and technologies making dentistry more efficient, more comfortable, and just better, it’s never been a better time to be a dentist or a patient!

Some of the biggest advancements have been made in cosmetic dentistry, making cosmetic procedures more popular than ever. Whether you’re interested in having misshapen teeth corrected or stained teeth whitened, a cosmetic dentist can easily evaluate your unique situation, recommend a procedure, and have you on your merry way—with a stunning new smile—in no time.

Of course, there are a few key questions you should ask before jumping gung-ho into a cosmetic dentistry procedure. Be sure to ask the following when you consult with your dentist!

Ask About Them

Before electing to have any cosmetic dentistry done, you should ask your dentist about themselves! You don’t have to dive too deep, but you should at least have an idea of who will be performing your procedure.

Ask simple questions, such as what their accreditation is, how long they have been practicing, and how frequently they perform the particular procedure in question. You can also look at reviews online to evaluate their reputation.

Good dental work starts with a great dentist, so be picky!

Ask About You

Aside from the dentist, there is another party involved in every procedure—the patient! Since you will presumably be filling that role in this scenario, you should take some time to ask your dentist questions about yourself. This may sound silly but bear with us.

It’s important to ask if you are a good candidate for a particular procedure. If you have underlying issues or shouldn’t proceed for other reasons, now is the time for your dentist to tell you. Procedures are not one-size-fits-all, so your dentist may advise against certain treatments and provide alternatives.

Ask About the Procedure

Now that you know about your dentist and a little more about yourself, it’s time to get to the task at hand—the procedure in question. Unless you, too, have been to dental school, there’s a good chance you’ll be relatively unfamiliar with the details of treatments. Your dentist will be happy to share their knowledge with you.

While you can certainly ask about more technical aspects of a procedure, don’t be afraid to ask basic questions, as well. There’s no shame in asking if a procedure will hurt, for example. Also, consider asking about potential side effects, recovery timeframes, and even costs.


The most important thing when talking with your dentist is maintaining an open, honest line of communication. You should be thorough when opting to have work done on your teeth, and your dentist will understand that. By voicing concerns openly and asking questions that are important to you, you not only put your nerves at ease but also give your dentist a chance to get to know you, explain what they believe is important about the treatment, and otherwise prepare you!