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sedation dentistry

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

For some, the dentist is more than just a place to embrace clean teeth and oral health; it’s a place that makes them exceptionally anxious and even scared. In fact, having a fear of the dentist—to varying degrees—is relatively common.

Those who struggle with these feelings of anxiety and fear should not go without proper dental care, though. That’s why finding suitable ways to quell those negative feelings and take care of their oral health before serious issues can occur is so important.

Thankfully, modern dentistry provides a simple, effective option for those who aren’t fans of the dentist—sedation dentistry. Read on to discover the many benefits of this method of dentistry!

Emotional Relief

Sedation dentistry effectively reduces (or eliminates) the anxiety and fear associated with the dentist. From minimal emotional distress to phobias, the use of sedation can make the experience less difficult.

Those who opt for sedation dentistry won’t be aware of any procedures that are performed but will not be sedated heavily. This means a comfortable, pain-free experience without prolonged grogginess or disruption to your day!

Easy Treatment

Many of the obstacles that a dentist may face while performing everything from a routine cleaning to a complex procedure can be reduced with sedation dentistry. From a gag reflex to sensitivity in the gums and teeth, common difficulties will no longer slow the dentist down.

That means a more comfortable experience for you and a more efficient experience for your dentist.

Anterograde Amnesia

Aside from being a plot point in movies, amnesia is rarely a desirable condition. Sedation dentistry might just be an exception, however.

Sedation dentistry helps lessen the intensity of a phobia because it prevents any new memories from being created. In turn, this can actually reduce the emotional distress associated with future dental visits.

Pain-Free Treatment

The prospect of pain due to a dental procedure can contribute heavily to the emotional distress a patient feels. Sedation dentistry permits dental procedures to take place without pain, ensuring that your experience is painless and your anxiety is reduced.

Infrequent Visits

Thanks to the numerous benefits of sedation dentistry, more work is able to be performed during one visit. Because you are sedated, a skilled dentist can accomplish a surprising amount in a short time.

What this means is that multiple procedures can be done in one session, or if you have a need for an extensive procedure, it can potentially be finished in one appointment rather than several. This helps you save time, reduce the number of visits required, and even save money!


Whether it’s to help calm your nerves, overcome your fear of the dentist, or conveniently take care of several procedures at once, sedation dentistry offers a number of benefits to a variety of patients. That being said, everyone has unique circumstances and needs. Talking to your dentist about sedation dentistry and how it may benefit you will give you the clearest picture of how this dental technique can apply to your personal situation!