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Innovation That Will Make You Smile

The miraculous dental laser, Solea, is finally here! Using innovative technology, this dental drill replacement is the superior option for most procedures we perform. It is practically noise and vibration free compared to traditional drills, effectively eliminating much of the unpleasantness from dental procedures. In fact, with Solea, many patients choose to skip anesthesia—they simply don’t need it! You, as the patient, are the most important part of our practice, and Solea is another way for us to show you just how much we care!

What Exactly is Solea?

Solea is the first CO2 dental laser approved by the FDA for procedures on both teeth and gums (hard and soft tissue). It was developed by Convergent Dental (Boston, Massachusetts) and based on research from the University of California School of Dentistry.

Solea utilizes a unique wavelength that is guided by advanced computers, allowing dental procedures to be virtually painless. From cavities to complex surgeries, procedures performed with Solea are also free of vibration and noise. The experience is so unlike traditional dental stereotypes that it hardly feels like a dental appointment at all!

Why Should You Choose Solea?

Occasionally, an innovation shifts the entire landscape of a medical field. Solea is that innovation for dentistry. With Solea, anesthesia-free and blood-free procedures are possible, allowing multiple procedures to be done in a single session.

Imagine: fillings fixed and soft-tissue issues taken care of in one sitting!

Not only are procedures with Solea virtually pain-free, they take only a fraction of the time to perform and to heal. They are also far less invasive and can take place without anesthesia, meaning you can go out to lunch or back to work immediately after your appointment—without the persistent numb feeling associated with traditional dental methods!

Solea is truly reshaping what dentistry looks like. For you, that means faster, less-intrusive, more pleasant dental experiences. For us it means elevating our practice to the pinnacle of innovation, because when you’re happy, we’re happy

Solea All-Tissue Laser

Solea helps reduce the risk of virus and bacteria transmission by significantly reducing the amount of splatter and aerosols created during dental procedures. This means there are fewer particles floating in the air that could potentially carry germs & viruses. Watch this highly accurate demonstration of how we are keeping you safer.